Overgaard Jewelry was founded by Melissa Overgaard in 2020. We are a company based in Sweden, making handcrafted jewelry from recycled 925 silver and gemstones.

We are a slow fashion brand, meaning we don’t mass produce low quality pieces using cheap materials. We use high quality materials such as recycled silver and a thick layer of 18 karat gold plating. Our designs are unique and timeless.
Every piece is handcrafted in a safe environment and every stone is handpicked. We are committed to high quality, all the way from great craftsmanship to our packaging. We make fine jewelry, still to a reasonable price so you can wear your Overgaard Jewelry pieces every day.

What inspires Melissa when designing are the gemstones themselves, nature and the divine universe. Since the stones are naturally made in nature, you get to wear your own unique stone. We think that fact makes every piece of jewelry so personal.

Gemstones are said to have healing properties, for the mind, body and soul. Maybe your stone found you at the perfect moment. For some people, gemstones have made a huge difference in their lives.
Even if you might not believe in their hidden powers, they can simply be admired for their extraordinary beauty too.

“Ever since I was a young girl I have loved beautiful gemstones. My mom was collecting them and I remember how fun and fascinating I thought they were. With colors from strong to soft, bright to dark, in different shapes -all beautiful in their own way. My mum told me that they might even have magic abilities, and I was amazed that they were created by nature. My first gemstones were three small amethysts, since I’m a Pisces and that’s my birthstone. Now the stones have inspired me to create meaningful jewelry, so we can carry them with us every day.” -Melissa Overgaard. 

Overgaard Jewelry is handcrafted in Bali. A tropical island that is actually said to be the purification center of the Earth. Everyone who’s been there knows that one can easily sense the unique energy in the air.
We are so happy to let this energy be absorbed by the stones in our jewelry. Handcrafted from recycled 925 silver, with a lot of thought, heart and detail.

We want you to feel how your Overgaard Jewelry pieces bring out the very best in you!

Which stones are you drawn to the most?
Read about their abilities in the product descriptions and pick the right ones for you.